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of my recent


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of my recent


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Limone - 60cm x 70cm SOLD

Nordic mood - 80cm x 70cm

Lemon Sky - Menton#1 - 96cm x 78cm SOLD

The green, green grass of home - 80cm x 80cm

Nordic winter - is there any red wine left #2 - 100cm x 120cm SOLD

Valentines Day - 150cm x 200cm

Springtime in Provence - 96cm x 78cm

Barbara was here - 84cm x 105cm

Springtime in Provence120cm x 150cm SOLD

Summer love - love summer - h:180cm w:140cm SOLD by Saatchi Art

Lemon sky over Valencia - h:82cm w:102cm - Sold

Wild summer!!! - h:180cm w:140cm - SOLD by Saatchi Arti

Lazy afternoon. - h:70cm w:80cm

I will probably use a 7-iron - h:80cm w:80cm SOLD

FORE!!! - h:70cm w:80cm - Sold

Yachting outside my window - h:80cm w:70cm SOLD

Stairway to Heaven - h:80cm w:70cm SOLD

Lazy afternoon 2 - h:70cm w:80cm

Somewhere between the Faroe Islands and Avignon - h:100cm w:120cm

When my family is fine, I am fine! - h:100cm w:120cm  SOLD

Out of bounds - in a perfect way!! - h:98cm w:98cm SOLD

Good peoples country - h:98cm w:98cm  SOLD

Sommeren er altid 'lige rundt om hjørnet' - udsnit  - h:70cm w:80cm SOLD